Home Organizing:

Home organizing is the process by which we create an environment that enables you to live, work, function, and relax as you deserve. When you are organized your life is much simpler and with less stress.

You can always do it yourself. This is certainly the most cost effective way but if things are cluttered, it is probably because you didn't have time to organize in the first place.

You can ask your friends, spouse, kids, or family into coming over and helping you. Good luck with that. As soon as they hear there is work to do, they are some how all too busy!

The best way is to hire a Professional! As a Professional Organizer, I will help you overcome clutter, disorganization, reduce stress, and utilize your time more efficiently. Not only will I help you create organizational systems, I will also make sure those systems work flawlessly with you and your family’s lifestyle. As part of my services I will provide coaching on how to keep your home clutter free. 

Call now for a free consultation and lets get started on your home today!

Cindy Rauscher
Phone: (847)529-3129

Fresh Look Home Organizing is a top professional organizer in the Clinton, WI professional organizers directory on FindMyOrganizer.com.


Located in southwestern Wisconsin, I offer onsite home organizing and home staging services for clients within a 50 mile radius of Janesville, WI.  Travel to other Wisconsin and Northern Illinois locations outside this radius considered.  

Please see Services Tab for a complete description of what I can do for you.

Certified and Insured.

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